Art Therapy for former refugees in schools uses the Tree of Life process to explore values, strengths, and the journey to refuge. A quick summary.

School Creative Art Therapy
School art therapy provided by the FHEAL Foundation in Brisbane helps refugee kids learn! Hear a teacher’s perspective and see some art.

Bullying is no good for anyone. Moh has seen bullying and wants to help those being bullied.

Why Art Therapy in School

Why should we have Arts Therapy in schools for refugee background young people? Here are two colourful minutes which tell you the answer, based on the work being done in Brisbane.

FHEAL Documentary
This short documentary made by award winning film maker Megan Doneman, shows some of the work happening in HEAL Therapy with Milpera students.

Friends of HEAL pitch
Adele Rice, Chair of Friends, makes a 6 minute pitch about FHEAL at the excellent Funding Network event in 2015

A 7 minute film made by Alice Hinchliffe introducing HEAL
(when we were based at the TAFE, flooded out of the Chelmer location for 6 months).

Art Therapy, Music Therapy HEAL
HEAL, an innovative art and music therapy program for adolescent refugee well-being in Brisbane, QLD, is described in words and pictures in a great less than 2 minute summary… worth watching, worth supporting!

Made Her Choice (Englich and Persian) by Hussle, Sadegh Razdar & Mr Tim.

Baby Girl by Otten, Baby J, & Mr Tim
Baby Girl is a love song written at Milpera State High School, Brisbane, as part of the HEAL (Home of Expressive Arts in Learning) program. Two Congolese former refugees, “Otten” and “Baby J” collaborated with registered music therapist Tim Minchin to write, perform and record the song in 2012. The boys took on the challenge to compose lyrics in English—which is a second, third or even fourth language for them.

Less than 2 minutes, deep breathing with Jane (and a flock of backyard bird noise)