QLD Performing Arts Centre is going to host a Concert for the Friends of HEAL on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Hello Friends and how is 2018 flowing along?

We have exciting news- the QLD Performing Arts Centre is going to host a Concert for the Friends of HEAL on Tuesday, March 27th, 2018, to support us in providing creative arts therapies in schools for refugee background kids. It will again be “Songs of Hope and Healing”. You are all invited!

Those who attended the last one in 2015 really enjoyed it, and will be sure to be booking seats quickly this year. There will be a fabulous headliner, but we cannot reveal the name as yet. Perhaps in the coming week…. We will announce it immediately when tickets are available for sale, so keep an eye out for email or look on our Facebook page for updates, at  https://www.facebook.com /2HEAL

Now, join the choir!!  There is an opportunity for you to be involved in the Concert. If you enjoy singing, and crave the bright lights, read on! There will be a community project involving the popular band The Boxties, (who performed in  2015), with associated FHEAL school communities/FHEAL supporters  as part of “Songs of  Hope and Healing”. We are anticipating this community choir will perform one song learned for that night.  This will require 5 or 6 rehearsals at QPAC on Saturday afternoons, probably from 17 February, and a dress rehearsal on Monday 26th March. The choir will be led by professionally musical Steph Mc Caw and Ashreya of the Boxties!

Participants in the choir with all levels of musical experience are welcome, from beginners to advanced, and the process will accommodate this level of varying experience. If you are interested in joining in, or would like more details, please email jane@fheal.com.au

As for our work at HEAL services in schools, the good people at the Commonwealth Bank have given FHEAL support to run a project called “New Images”, incorporating the use of digital cameras. In this project,  students’ will examine their new realities, guided by creative therapists at three schools, one per year, over  three years. In this digital age, it makes sense for therapists to facilitate the growth and development of our young newcomers while assisting them in learning about and working with the technology available.

Also many thanks must go to the English Foundation, as with their support, we are embarking on a special project : “Creative Mind and Body”, at two schools during 2018 and 2019, combining creative movement with creative arts psychotherapy. Research indicates that mind and body are so closely linked that it would be deficient to focus on only one modality. To that end, a group of FHEAL therapists had the good fortune to have 2 ½ days’ training with Renae Stevens, which focused on yoga, breath work, and the use of the body with the mind in therapy. It was very educational, but also fun! Can’t wait to be sharing these ideas with the HEAL kids.

To know more about what great things we did last year, with your support, our FHEAL Annual Report is available on the website, www.fheal.com.au,  Click on Writing, then on FHEAL Annual Reports.

Keeping up the creativity at our end- hoping you are experiencing a creative year’s start, too.