Happy New Year to Friends of the FHEAL Foundation

Happy New Year to friends of the FHEAL Foundation, and all best wishes for a great year ahead.

The school year has commenced, so the kids are hearing the clatter of classroom doors, feeling the weight of the lugging of over-filled bags, and anticipating  the fun and excitement of being among peers again. Our kids of refugee backgrounds tend to find the holidays too long, too boring, and too hot. So they are all smiles now that school is back, and especially happy to see their returned therapists as well. Some have lost a bit of their English during the long school holiday break, but they are keen to make up for lost time and get back into the learning. And the FHEAL therapists are busy sorting their timetables so every referred child is seen, and to allow for screening new arrivals as they come.

Hoping your 2017 is as full of satisfying challenge and learning as ours!


Jane    (Jane Griffin, CEO Friends of HEAL Foundation)