Increasing Peace Using Arts

Our CEO Jane Griffin was invited to write a Blog post for Arts QLD. See the resulting piece here. Read all about the Friends of HEAL and why what we do with your support is so important.

Art has the power to do many things including heal. In Queensland Mental Health Week, Jane Griffin, CEO of Friends of HEAL Foundation charity talks about arts programs which support young people of refugee backgrounds.

Arts Therapy and Music Therapy help ameliorate the effects of trauma, and assist with the difficulties encountered by young newcomers as they settle into a new country and attend school. The Friends of HEAL Foundation (FHEAL) is a unique charity providing Creative Arts Therapy in schools for traumatised refugee children in Queensland.

The challenge:
Young refugees arrive in Australia, having experienced intense hardship, such as war, refugee camp life, forced dislocation, deprivation, torture, trauma, and grief. For some, the journey to good settlement is difficult. They suffer the symptoms of trauma, feelings of anxiety and fear, inability to feel safe or to relax, difficulty with relationships, and cognitive problems affecting memory and learning ability.  CONTINUE READING