Many Thanks – Songs of Hope and Healing

Thanks to all who attended the QPAC Concert Hall “Songs of Hope and Healing” on Friday night.
It was a magical evening, and we so enjoyed your support while enjoying the talented Lior, Shan Deng, Wei Deng, the Gallipoli Choir, the QPAC Choir, the Stuartholme Choir, Aurora Guitar Ensemble, the BoxTies, the Christchrurch Youth Choir, and the QLD Conservatorium Brass Band.
Thank you to Dame Quentin Bryce for her speech and support of our organisation.
A huge thank you to Sharon Orapeleng who was our marvelous host for the evening and finally great thanks to John Kotzas QPAC CEO and the QPAC team for making it all happen.
See the FHEAL Facebook page for some great images of the night.
Jane Griffin – CEO