Student A. (16 yo Burundian boy)

I came to HEAL once a week, sometimes more, when I had trouble , or I had bad things in school, sometimes I had some bad feelings at home, that’s when I come back to HEAL so I can talk about it, and I can feel better.

In HEAL I talked about my feelings, draw, or I write about my feelings. I was talking about back home in my country when everything changed, and the problems, and how the trouble with the adult were talking about the children.

Coming to HEAL helps me a lot because when I first came to Australia I didn’t know what to do. They were teaching me what I could do, how you can behave in Australia, some kind of that sort of stuff, because I didn’t know the rule in Australia, how to behave in Australia, and they helped me to talk about my feelings, and now I feel better.

In HEAL they would come and take me, out of class, and they made me want to talk about it in HEAL, write about it, sometime they gave me drawing to do about it. HEAL was good for my life because I was going to kill myself and HEAL they said talk and they say come to hospital. I was in hospital one week and after that I didn’t want to kill myself. So HEAL helped me a lot with that. HEAL is too good for the students and if you have no-one talking with, you must to HEAL, and talk and write and draw your stories. You will be better. School, every school must have HEAL.