Student D. (19 yo Sudanese Boy)

I came to HEAL once and sometime twice a week if I was in trouble. Like at home or in school.
In HEAL I drew and I used those toys to express my feelings in the sand tray.

The issues were how to settle in Australia, how to solve my own problems. I had problems at home, someone causing me problems at home. Getting beaten up or getting locked out of the house, not treating nicely.

HEAL meant I could relax and draw. Even though I didn’t think I was doing anything, I’d leave feeling better. I drew and I’d express my feelings.

My life would be different without HEAL. When I came to Australia I needed a path to point me in a good direction. If there wasn’t a HEAL I wouldn’t have any idea where I would be.

We do need HEAL, because the students at Milpera are the ones who need help the most because they are coming into the new country, they have no idea what is going on.

When you go to HEAL you’re not only expressing it, you’re feeling free, and you can draw things that were in your country back home or whatever. Just relax and do whatever.