Student E. (19yo Sudanese Boy)

I came to HEAL four days a week , lunchtime and during the classes too.
I used to come and talk with Jane sometimes, tell her about my issues at home, and sometimes I came and lay down, and reading some books or something.
Just issues at home and at school, like get in trouble at school. Yeah , with other people. And the issues at home were obviously with people like my Mum and stuff.

It helped me a lot. Best of all in the school, because I used to get in fight a lot with the other kids and Jane helped me, you know, to calm down and control my anger, yeah.

Going to HEAL every day, like sometime I’d go there we go talk, expressing my feelings to Miss Jane, and she’d told me to, about how to control my anger and how to live life, you know, without no trouble or stuff.

Yeah, my life would have been different with no HEAL. I would have not been to, well, what happens now, like me to being in high school or through, without HEAL , no-one could have a really happy life, you know.

I think it should happen because it helps others, and other teachers as well. Like it helps kids expressing their feelings, you know, because they might not have anyone to express their feelings to, you know, yeah.