FHEAL is the Friends of HEAL Foundation which exists to provide creative arts therapy to young people of refugee backgrounds.

FHEAL’S mission is to provide direct relief from distress and enhance education and cultural integration for refugee adolescents. Further, FHEAL aims to increase the possibility of these young people experiencing the good mental health necessary to participate fully in learning and life.

Formed in 2012, FHEAL assists and advocates for the important mental health work provided by services such as HEAL (Home of Expressive Arts and Learning) at Milpera State High School which has been providing creative therapy since 2004.

The HEAL program is a Brisbane school-based mental health program which specialises in helping refugee kids’ well-being via creative methods.



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Who we are…..

FHEAL exists to raise funds to enable creative arts therapists to support the mental health needs of young people of a refugee background

What we do…..

Our therapists work with young people who have endured traumatic experiences in their refugee journeys.
They use creative arts therapies including:

  • Arts Psychotherapy
  • Music Therapy

Why donate…..

Your money will directly impact the well-being of future Australian citizens. It will be used to:

  • Provide Therapy
  • Support Research
  • Improve Settlement Outcomes

Make a donation in the name of a friend or loved one.

Many gifts available and all provide relaxation, support and help for young refugees through Arts and Music Therapy so they can move on from the traumatic effects of war, grief, loss, and displacement, and find peace.

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